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Tecnología, packaging, GRUMBE :: COSFIBEL GROUP




We develop and manufacture transparent packaging solutions since 1968. This is the reason why we have the experience and the know-how that sets us apart in the treatment of this material, and its combination with other materials such as cardboard, metal and accessories.


Grumbe considers that a packaging is not a “container”: It’s something that goes beyond it, adding differentiation elements that arouse the interest on the point of sales and ensures the success for our clients.

We are experts in different printing techniques such as screen printing, engraving (Hot Stamping), and Offset. Got reliefs, textures, effects (soft touch, Fluor effect, etc) and finishes in a very high quality.

Folding and Gluing Machines

We have soft crease machines and classic folding ones. We also make specific types of creases under requirement, adapted to the client´s industrial needs (conditioning in automatic machines).

Manufacture of round boxes

Manufacture of FMC boxes (lid/base)

Vacuum formed trays manufacturing


  • Plastics (PET, PVC, PP, Lamination)
  • Carton: folding and compact cardboard
  • Metal

Technical and desing equipment

  • Die-cut plotter (to make mock-ups in volume)
  • Printing plotter (to make mock-ups)
  • Customize 3D presentations